Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Apply page to locate Application & Membership Account Video Tutorials. Get help with activating your BBHB Vitafy account, logging in to your account, requesting a blood donor match & more.


How does the BBHB matching process work?

Potential members apply for a membership. Once approved, they can refer other potential members. When you are an official BBHB member, you can “request a match” [open case] if you require a blood donor.

What state is BBHB located in?

BBHB does not have a physical location. Our officers and board members are nationwide.

I cannot/do not want to receive text messages. May I still participate?

Yes. Please add and to your contacts to ensure delivery of emails to your inbox. BBHB will utilize both email and texting to communicate with members.

How will BBHB prevent infiltration by those with opposing agendas?

BBHB cannot guarantee that we will not be infiltrated. However, we have and we will continue to take steps to protect our co-op. Some of the steps we have taken are:

  • Implementing a referral process.
  • Creating a mandatory covenant to be signed by each applicant.
  • Verification that a member has not received any treatment(s) that make(s) them ineligible to donate blood. This can be provided by a professional medical care provider, naturopath, chiropractor, licensed health professional, or your immunization record. 
Are members invited to any board meetings?

All BBHB members will be notified of meeting dates via email two weeks in advance.

How do co-op members submit a question for the meetings?

Members must submit questions to 72 hours before the meeting.

Who can vote on proposed issues during meetings?

Each adult member receives one share of the co-op thereby entitling them to one vote.

How do I know that BBHB will protect my privacy?

BBHB will never sell or distribute any member’s personal information for any reason.

How do I terminate my membership?

If you would like to terminate your membership before the renewal date, please email and our team will help you.

Will the website have a login to find members nearby?

No. Members will not have access to locate other members. BBHB will never distribute member’s personal information for any reason. BBHB will be the only contact between members unless absolutely necessary to facilitate a match.

How many BBHB members live in my region?

BBHB is developing an interactive map for our website. The map will only indicate the quantity of blood types in each region, no personal information will be visible.

What happens if someone lies on their Membership Application?
First, the covenant agreement that each applicant is required to sign during the application process is between them and God, so every applicant will be held accountable to Him. Secondly, you may be liable and subject to punishment by law for intentional harm to others.

Federal Filing Status:

Has BBHB considered becoming a Private Members Association or 501(c)3?
Yes. The BBHB team has explored every filing status available, after sorting through the pros and cons, a determination was made that the co-op model was best suited for the needs of the mission for BBHB. Our organization is based on a not-for-profit standard where all funds are prioritized to benefit the infrastructure of the co-op.
Why is there a donate option linked to Allegro? Does that mean BBHB is a 501(c)3?
No. BBHB was organized as a co-op, not a 501(c)3. Allegro is a partner that has aligned with BBHB, thereby allowing donations to be collected under their 501(c)3 status, which, in turn, allows BBHB donors to take advantage of receiving a tax deduction for funds that support our mission.
What is a co-op share? What does that mean for me?
Every adult member will own one share of the co-op, which effectively gives you the right to vote on proposed issues at board meetings. Your share is valued at $1.00 for the duration of your membership. If you choose to terminate your membership, or BBHB terminates your membership for cause, the value of your share can either be returned to you or you may donate it back to BBHB.


Do you have information available that can be shared with our State Representatives?

We are actively working on drafting legislation to be able to share with our members, who in turn can pass it on to their State Representatives in all fifty states. We welcome any help you are able to provide with this process. Please email if that is something you are able to help us move forward on.

When speaking to your State Representatives, it is important to remember that we are advocating for all medical freedoms including, but not limited to, the ability to choose our blood donation sources.

How can I help?

Here are a few suggestions for ways you can immediately begin to support BBHB.

  • Become a member.
  • Refer potential members.
  • Share our website.
  • Follow us on Twitter @BlessedBHB.
  • Donate via GiveSendGo or Allegro (to receive a tax donation).
  • Ask others to donate.
  • Pray.
  • Ask others to include us in their prayers.
  • Lend us your professional skills. Fill out our Volunteer Opportunity Form, if you have a skill that can benefit our co-op. BBHB will let you know if your talent meets the current needs and mission for the co-op. No paid positions currently exist at BBHB.

Employment at BBHB:

How can I apply to work for BBHB?
No paid positions currently exist at BBHB. Lend us your professional skills. Board Members, Officers, and Advisors are on a Volunteer status. Email us at if you have a skill that can benefit our co-op. BBHB will let you know if your talent meets the current needs and mission for the co-op.


When will BBHB accept Membership Applications?
We are on schedule to be able to accept applications at the end of the first quarter of 2023.
How does the application process work?
Applicants will follow this process:

  1. Either visit and choose “Apply” or use the “Membership Referral Link” provided by a current member.
  2. Complete the Enrollment & Membership Application forms.
  3. Sign and submit all required documents.
  4. Pay the $25 per adult membership fee; children younger than the age of 18 are free.

The BBHB team will review and approve memberships in a timely manner.

What is included in my Membership?
  • A custom Membership Referral Link.
  • The ability to cast a vote on proposed co-op issues.
  • The ability to “request a match” [open a case] for a blood donor match.
  • The ability to manage your contact info and upload documentation for your blood type and other medical records as requested.
  • Access to educational tools provided by our board members or co-op partners.
How do spouses apply?
First, one head of household completes the Enrollment & Membership Application. Once approved, he/she can share their Membership Referral Link with their spouse so they can complete their own Enrollment & Membership Application. Adult membership requires a $25 annual fee per member.
Can my child(ren) be [a] member(s)?
Yes. Your child(ren), under the age of 18, can be added to your family membership. All underage children are free as part of our family memberships.
We are both ineligible for membership due to receiving the COVID vaccination for cause; can our child(ren) become [a] member(s)?
Yes. Ineligible parents can apply for the child(ren) to be members. Memberships for your child(ren) do not include custom Membership Referral Links and are billed $25 annually (per family membership, not per child).
If my spouse or intimate partner has received a blood transfusion and/or COVID injection(s), etc., am I eligible to become a BBHB member?
All applicants who have a spouse or intimate partner that has received any injections or treatments that are known to be or are potentially genetically modifying will be included in our “recipient only” membership, meaning, you can receive, but not donate blood.

Referral Process:

How can I join if I don’t know a member that can refer me?
Choose “Apply” from the home page of Our BBHB team will review your application and respond in a timely manner. Before starting the application, please take the time to obtain a statement from your professional medical care provider stating that you have not received any injections or treatments that are known to be or are potentially genetically modifying. This statement will be required during the application process.
How do I use my Membership Referral Link to refer potential members?
Share your link via email or text to those you are confident will meet the requirements to become a BBHB member.
Why is it my responsibility to screen who I refer to BBHB?
Our co-op is based on the ability to trust each other. We take your referral seriously and you should also. Please do not add extra work for our membership team to contact you to determine if your referral is legitimate.
What do I do if I am not confident that a person meets the BBHB requirements, but they are asking for my Membership Referral Link?
In this situation, we advise all persons who are interested in BBHB membership to apply directly using the website link. Even without a referral, they could still become members. The Membership Application will help the BBHB team determine the person’s status. You should not feel obligated or pressured to share your Membership Referral Link with anyone at any time.
How do I use a Membership Referral Link that was given to me?
Click the link and follow the Enrollment & Membership Application process.

Know your blood type:

What if I don’t know my blood type?

BBHB offers a link for an at-home blood type test kit through Fullscript. If you’d rather have your blood typed professionally, find out from a lab (Quest or LabCorp) near you what is required to be tested. It is not mandatory that you buy an at-home kit, but it is mandatory that you provide documentation of your blood type. That information can be provided from your medical records, a doctor’s statement, Red Cross card, birth certificate, military tags, or another at-home test that you may have taken in the past.

Why is the Fullscript at-home blood type test kit linked to the BBHB President?

Our President supports Fullscript’s products and has generously agreed to donate any proceeds received from kits purchased through the BBHB link to support the infrastructure of the co-op.

Are at-home blood type tests accurate?
Yes. Tests are specifically manufactured to be 99.9% effective. If, for any reason you do not feel comfortable using an at-home test, contact a lab (Quest or LabCorp) near you to find out what is required to have your blood typed professionally.
I am ineligible to donate according to the Red Cross standards or my medical history. Can I still become a member?
Yes. Complete the Enrollment & Membership Application. Our team will determine your eligibility for a “recipient only” status. Some examples of ineligibility to donate are: certain types of cancer, cancer treatments, a history of hepatitis, jaundice, or malaria, etc.

BBHB Blood Type Matching:

How can I donate blood to other BBHB Members?
BBHB will facilitate a match between a potential donor and the recipient when a member in need “requests a match” [opens a case]. Every attempt will be made to match donors in the region closest to the recipient.

We will reach out to you via email or text if you are a match. At this time, BBHB is not able to *store blood (similar to how the Red Cross works), so that requires members to be readily available to donate.

*See Phase I + Beyond question below.

Will BBHB pay for me to travel to donate or receive blood?
No. BBHB will not facilitate funds for any travel costs.
If I am matched, who is responsible for any costs related to the directed donation?
The recipient is responsible for any costs directly incurred in relation to the donation, including transportation of the blood etc. Each donor is responsible for any costs associated with their personal travel.
How can I find a donor near me?
If you need a blood donation, log into your account and “request a match” [open a case]. Follow the prompts, and the BBHB team will help facilitate the match.
Why didn’t I get matched for a blood donation?
BBHB will do our best to facilitate a match, but we cannot guarantee that there will be someone available at your specific time of need.
What if there is no one in my area to donate?
BBHB will use our matching tools to help find a donor as close to you as possible. If necessary, we may look outside of your region.
What if I need a blood transfusion in an emergency?
Because Phase I will be focused on matching donors to recipients for scheduled surgeries and procedures, we suggest letting your family and friends know your blood type. They may be able to assist you if there is enough time during an emergency.

Testing Blood For Signs of mRNA Modification:

Why can’t blood be screened to see if someone has taken a COVID injection?
Unfortunately, the tests that are being created to do just this are not yet available, cost effective, or reliable for the public to purchase or use. The good news is that the tests are being designed and our team will implement them, as, if and when they become available to us.
How does one prove they have “clean blood” if they are not referred by an active BBHB member?

BBHB will consider a statement from your professional medical care provider. It does not have to be from an MD, but it does have to be from a trustworthy provider. You can ask your provider to look for the code that indicates vaccination status. They can use that information to make an informed decision to write you a statement. If you need help finding a provider, a good place to start is GraithCare.

Blood Donations Outside of BBHB:

Can I store my own blood?
Yes. There is no safer blood than your own blood. “Autologous Donations” are available and we recommend looking into them for yourself. BBHB highly recommends autologous donations, whenever possible.
How long can blood be stored?
Whole blood can be stored for 21-35 days depending on the storage solution it was collected with.
What is a “Designated Donor Order”?
A Designated Donor Order is an order given by the recipient’s professional medical care provider which allows a donor to specify who the blood is to be donated to. Contact your provider and local blood bank to learn more about this process.
What are the best practices to facilitate a Designated Donor Order?
Find out if your provider will write an order before you need one. Find out if your clinic or hospital will honor a designated donor order. We suggest avoiding terms like “unvaccinated or clean blood” when requesting an order or draw as it may prevent your order from being written or your blood from being donated.
Is a Designated Donor Order a standing or permanent order?
For the most part, a new order will be needed for each expected transfusion. However, BBHB cannot speak to this with certainty; ask your local blood bank or provider to know for sure.
What is IOS?

Intraoperative blood salvage (IOS), also referred to as a “cell-saver”. This is a specific type of autologous blood transfusion whereby a patient’s own blood that is lost during surgery is recycled back to the patient. This method has been used for many years and the machine used is known as a cell-saver.

As your blood cycles through the machine, unneeded fat and tissue are washed away, red blood cells are separated out, and the blood is then returned to the patient. Using the cell-saver is safer because there is a greatly reduced risk of infection as well as the fact that the red blood cells are less damaged than those coming from donated blood. Additionally, using the cell- saver is much cheaper than the current cost per unit of banked blood. An autologous donation or use of the cell-saver should be your first request if your physician or surgeon tells you that you may need a transfusion during a surgical procedure.

BBHB Partners, Collaborators, and Like-minded Associates:

Are you working with FLCCC, the Wellness Co, or Remote Health Solutions?
We are working diligently to make contact and connections with like-minded doctors, nurse practitioners, hospitals, and clinics. If you are aware of any organizations that would be interested in working with BBHB, please have them reach out to us by emailing or provide us with their contact information so that we can reach out to them.

Phase I + Beyond For BBHB:

Are there any other Phases in the BBHB Rollout Plans (beyond Phase I)?

Yes. The development of BBHB is entirely dependent upon BBHB Membership growth and financial donors. Our board members have already had conversations about storing blood for emergency use. We have also had discussions about the storage of eggs, sperm, breast milk, and possibly even organ donations. We have had many requests about “matchmaking” for singles, and we will do our best to address this issue, (as we understand the importance it plays in many people’s lives). We will focus more on partnering with clinics and independent hospitals (not corporately run) throughout the U.S.A. who are eager to be a part of this endeavor, and we will be calling on BBHB members who are available and willing to advocate throughout the U.S.A.